Ultramarathon Copycats 🙀

Recently, I read an interesting thread on the Ultralist about Big Backyard copycats.

If you’re unaware of the Big’s Backyard. It’s a last man standing event held in Belt Buckle, TN. Participants must complete a 4.166 mile-loop every hour, on the hour. The last person to finish a loop wins.


More and more Big Backyard knockoffs are popping up. And some people think it’s blasphemy.

To be honest, I was one of those people at first. Until I read what was up Laz’s flanneled sleeve…

Here’s it from the horse’s mouth:

“Other backyard ultras have sprung up all over the world, so this year we have a collection of affiliated backyard races with golden tickets to the big’s for the winners.
10 around the world, and 7 more in North America.”

^^^ Clever 😉

So now it’s kinda like Willy Wonka and the golden ticket. Where Laz is Wonka and the winner of these affiliate backyard races is wins a golden ticket. AKA an entry into Bigs.


And since these golden ticket events are sprouting up around the world. Big’s will be the “world championship” of backyards. And as Laz puts it:

There will be no more “last man standing.” The Big’s winner will be the “last man on earth.”

Rad, huh!?

If you have an inkling of desire to become of the last man/woman on earth. Toeing the line at Big’s or other affiliated last man standing events. Here’s a tip…

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