This is the Last Time I’m Answering this Question

“I thought you were from Brazil. Maybe the Carribean…but Ohio? Never would have expected that.”

I’ve fielded the “where you from” question for years. No joke at least 1,000 times.


To answer it for good. I’m Northeast Ohio from a small town called North Canton.

If you haven’t heard of it. It was a quick 10-minute drive from my doorstep to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. OSU and Cleveland Brown country.

Speaking of the Browns…

They lost again last night. In pure Browns fashion too. Here’s how it went down:

With the Browns trailing 21-18, the kicker, who had already missed two extra points and a field goal, missed wide right with 3 seconds left.

But you know what? I feel for the Brown’s kicker. I even read that angry fans attacked his sister on social media forcing her to delete her Twitter account.


I mean come on. I understand the frustration as a fan. But it’s life. We mess up. Even the pros. In fact, they probably have failed more time than anyone.

To quote Yoda:

“The greatest teacher, failure is.”

I think what Yoda means is without failure you cannot appreciate success.

Running is no different.

It’s the trials of miles. Miles of trials.

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Barefoot Alex