This “Golden Rule” of Running is Complete BS 👿

Ok, here the thing:

Unless you’ve been living under a rock with your headphones on you’ve probably heard the popular fitness phrase “No pain, no gain”.

Spit this phrase out to a buddy and they won’t as much bat an eye.


Because this “golden rule” of running has been beaten into our brains by a culture that doesn’t give two turds about your well-being.

If you blindly follow this hazardous mantra.  A buck bets ten the only thing you’ll gain is a big fat injury.


Round-the-clock tiredness.  Feeling more irritable and argumentative at home.  Training feels like a chore.  Making it easy to swap your evening run for “This Is Us” and a pint of ice cream.

Let’s rework the phrase.  A more applicable wording reads as such:

“No gain with pain.”

Notice how different this feels?

Sidenote: Without pain, you can induce the runner’s high much easier. (And more consistently…more on this in a sec).

A better approach to getting the most out of your training is to play it chill.

Here’s four ways you can do this on your next run:

1. Warm up slowly. E.g. walk then gradually transition into a trot.
2. Run at a conversational pace. Easy as Sunday morning.
3. Take inventory of things you are thankful for.
4. Cooldown

When you commit to these four steps, you enter a state where the mind forgets that you’re exercising.  Experiencing a perfect balance of energy in your body.

This, my friend, is the runner’s high.

And you know what?  One of the best (and simplest) ways to induce a runner’s high takes place way before you lace up your sneakers.  (If done correctly, at least).  Listen up, listen good, and NEVER forget:  “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”  And that’s where I can help…

The Runner’s High Newsletter includes a potent 7-minute pre-run rehearsal.  A mental training plan that Olympians and professional athletes use to get in the zone.

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