There can only be one 👑

It’s nutzo on a stick.

After 67 hours and 283.335 miles…the Big Backyard Ultra crowned its champion.

All hail Johan Steene.

In spite of his 2-day nightmare trip to the race, which ended with him driving overnight to arrive just in time for the start…

Mighty Johan, the Swift Swede, ousted Courtney Dauwalter earlier this morning at 4 a.m.


On a 4.16-mile loop, Steene waged methodical warfare. Dealing blows to his opponent’s armor one step at a time.

Speaking of steps…

If 2,000 steps make up a mile. Then it took 566,000 foot falls to claim victory.

But in time of war, it’s by any means necessary.


To quote Scott Jurek, the GOAT of ultrarunning:

“Sometimes you just do things!”

Even if those things demand you to squeeze every ounce of energy you have into seeing it to fruition.


Maybe your warfare isn’t being the last one standing at an obscure ultramarathon in rural TN.

Maybe it’s getting out the door to log a brisk walk around the block.

Whatever form it takes. Remember…You have it within to conjure the confidence, grit, and inspiration necessary to make it happen.

The question is….how bad do you want it?

Are you ready to cut the excuses that bind you?

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But be wary…

Your investment will demand everything you’ve got. Shortcut seekers are advised to look elsewhere. Only the most eager are to apply.

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Barefoot Alex