Are you struggling with staying consistent with your running routine?

Do you promise yourself you’ll run later, but never do?  Is negative self-talk stopping you from reaching your racing goals?     You can transform your mindset – simply by recognizing these negative thought patterns – and replacing them with more logical ones.

The secret isn’t to force positive thinking.  Rather, treat each run as an individual experience.  When you do, you’ll begin to notice when disruptive mumbo jumbo creeps in.

With practice, these self-limiting beliefs will begin to lose their power.

So what the next step?  Do you have to log thousands of miles?  Become a hermit and isolate yourself from friends and family?  Denounce worldly possession for a life as a marathon monk?

The Power of a Single Step

When you tune your attention towards the present moment.  You tap into your body’s feedback.  Real-time information that can cleanse even the worse case of runner’s funk.

This intuitive approach to running is readily available.  All you have to do is tap in!

Here’s where I can help…

Barefoot Alex’s Daily Intuitive Running Tips

What if each morning when you woke up…

You were greeted with a handcrafted email that presented outside the box methods for developing running intuition?

The non-fluffy kind.  Just actionable content that focuses on honing mental skills, how to improve form and pace, results from my personal “mini endurance experiments” vault, biohacks, optimal food choices, etc.

Would it be worth your time to open it up and read it?

As a linguist, I especially appreciate the writing style – relaxed and clear. This is written so even non-runners would get a high off it.  Inspiring and informative stuff!

– Cat MacLaren 

If you’re tired of recycled airy-fairy stuff made popular by fitness rags like Runner’s World…(like I am)

Your search will end here.

With over 15 years experience in the running trenches (here are just a few of my race results), my intuitive running tips are purposefully designed to give you level-headed information.

Daily blurbs of motivation to 1UP training, racing, and self-belief.

So that you can go move confidently towards realizing your big hairy audacious running goals.

Without having to make all the mistakes I’ve made along the way!


As Wilfred Goron, Canada’s top performing barefoot and minimalist runners says:

Hey Coach Barefoot Alex,I feel like you have coached me,as reading your emails have made me a way better runner!!

And Bryce Carlson, Spartathalon Finisher, and the World Record holder for the fastest solo unsupported row across the North Atlantic Ocean says: 

He’s very complimentary in the sense that he’s very quick to praise those around them for things he respects and admires in them.Driving participants internally with a desire to push themselves and “grow as individuals.

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P.S.   Sometimes my emails are bit controversial.

It’s done on purpose to shake awake your sleeping runner within.

To get a taste of what I mean…

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