Is Cigarette Smoking the Key to Marathon Domination? 🚬

A subscriber pops the question:


I trained all summer and did speed work. I had a not so great marathon last weekend. A friend ran the same marathon. They didn’t train and they are a smoker. The friend beat me by 16 minutes. I’m salty as hell.

What gives?



Hopefully, this will ease the sting…

Some people are naturally gifted runners. Period.

I once read a comment from some guy that boasted, “it’s BS that people can’t run a 10k in under 45 minutes. I’ve smoked my whole life, eat garbage all day, I’m in my 50s, and I just ran a 10k in 41 minutes without training”

Good for them ^^^

But what if they put in even a little bit of effort, they probably could have been an unbelievable runner? Right?

For us mortals…

It can hurt like hell when an effort isn’t rewarded with a finishing time you believe you deserve.

But make no mistake, the effort you put in did make a difference.

Aside from traversing 26.2 miles, a feat that puts you in the upper percentile of all humans beings on planet earth…

You dedicated yourself to a goal that sharpened your resolve, self-discipline, and belief in yourself. These attributes were enhanced during training. And these enhancements will no doubt benefit other aspects of your life.

That’s why judging performances (or anybody else’s) is a slippery slope. Because if race day doesn’t go as planned. All that positive cultivation can be forgotten.

The point?

It’s the day to day progress that counts.

Journey before destination.

That’s why I created the Runner’s High Newsletter. It’s a means to severe attachments towards workouts, data, and PRs. Delivered in old-fashioned paper an ink, this newsletter’s purpose is to help transmute this fixation into a healthy appreciation for placing one foot in front of the other.

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