How to Disarm Elitist Running Trolls 🐍

Example #3242345 of the annoyingness of elitist runners:

You may find this a tad… disturbing.

My friend was out to eat with an elitist runner.  The passive-aggressive “Well you’re not that fast. Are those shoes last year’s model? Lol ok.” type.


Over crap cakes, my friend starts talking about her training pace.  That she knocks out the bulk of her weekly mileage at a 9:30 min/mi.  But before she could go any further…

“Yeah, that time really isn’t that great.”

^^^ The nerve of this one!

The comment made her feel like her innards were being ripped open by a hunger vulture.  You see…Half a year ago, my friend wasn’t able to do anything.  She could barely complete 5k in 30 minutes without whizzing for air.  But she stayed with it…running through the entire winter, no weather was too cold, too wet, (even after clocking 10 hour work days).  EVEN losing 15lbs in the process.

The elitist didn’t want to hear it though.  In fact, he wasn’t listening at all!!
Here’s the rub…

Who gives a crap.  Don’t do anything for the approval of others or to reach some ideal version of yourself to keep up with the rat race.

Do you enjoy running?  Do you feel satisfied with the positive benefits its brought into your life?  If yes, give no mind to what anyone else says/does/thinks.

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