How A Depressed Drug Fiend Saved His Life With Running

Here’s a great story if you’re in a running rut:

My friend was a serious drug addict for 15 years.  The kind of junkie that was blatantly excessive with their habit.

Heroin, OxyContin, cocaine, crack, meth, mdma, or Xanax…you name it.  (Even smoking bath salts for five years)

The substances quickly started mucking up their thoughts.  Creating a downward spiral that lead to several unsuccessful suicide attempts.

The scariest of which was an overdose.  Landing my friend in the ICU for 3 weeks.

After the nightmarish hospital visit.  He checked himself into rehab.

It was here that my friend made a breakthrough.

You see…

Specialists and family harped the importance of finding a wholesome activity…

But it wasn’t until his uncle recommended running that things started to change.

Since my friend showed interest. His uncle would drive over to the rehab center.  Three times a week.  And the two would circle the 3-mile block before lunch. Not for time. Or Speed…

They’d go after it steady.  Talking about whatever was on their minds.  This process started to heal my friend’s hurts.  He was finally able to see the world outside of disillusion.


My friend hasn’t looked back since.

Recently, celebrating two years of sobriety!!!

Now he logs 35 miles a week. And has completed 6 half marathons with another coming up in the fall.

More importantly…

He is no longer depressed or suicidal.  Crediting running as the main influence to their new life (all with AA and other 12 step programs).

He’s found the runner’s high.  The serotonin and dopamine and endorphin kick that only a healthy scroll can provide.

Speaking of the runner’s high…

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Salud to your well-being,

Barefoot Alex