Grandpa Ditches Nursing Home for a Heavy Metal Festival 🎸

Here’s a pretty little doozy to perk up your Saturday.

Check this out:

Recently, I read a news story about a couple of old men who went missing from a rural nursing home in Germany.

Bewildered by the disappearance of the two men, nursing home staff set up a search party. But despite enlisting law enforcement, the men were able to evade police for several days.


The men were spotted headbanging at the Wacken Open Air festival AKA the biggest metal festival in the world.
When they were finally nabbed (albeit dazed and confused)…

The senior citizens admitted to hitchhiking the 25 miles from the nursing home to the festival.

Digging the aging metalhead’s vigor, the Wacken Open Air festival Twitter account posted:

“There no discrimination against seniors …because you’re never too old to rock.”

The same can be said for running.

Sure…you may not be an escapee from a nursing home, but it goes to note that every day is an opportunity to rock your upcoming run like a gnarly guitar riff.

But, if you haven’t felt like a running rockstar for a while then here’s a simple solution…

Located in the pages of September’s “Runner’s High” newsletter is an electrifying morning routine that will have you leaping out of bed like Axel Rose in his hay day. No coffee needed. And all ages are welcome. To get your copy in time, go here:


Barefoot Alex