Do you consider yourself a “Runner”?

Curious and curious…

Do you identify yourself as a runner?

This question was inspired by a recent conversation I had the other day. Here’s how it went down:

I was in the grocery store. Stocking produce. When a customer noticed my Garmin 225 watch. He asked me if I was a runner. And how long I’ve been doing it.

I launched into the story of running 4 miles for the first time. How it was a late summer morning in 1993. And how I had no clue if I could make it.

I told him about the route. How it passed an ice cream parlor. And how I was so thirsty that I wanted to stop. And the look of amazement on my mom’s face when I told her how far I’d gone.

I then asked him if he was a runner. And his immediate knee-jerk reaction was “well I run but I’m not a runner”.

But his scuffed Asic 2160s told a different story.

After prying a bit further…

He admitted to running a handful of a 10ks. And how’s he’s trying to stick with it through the winter so he could run a full in the spring.

“It sounds like you’re a runner to me!”, I said. And he reluctantly agreed.

The point?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a wet behind the ear beginner or a seasoned vet…

If running is a part of your daily/regular routine to the point that it’s part of your identity, then you’re a runner.

So the next time someone asks you about it. I encourage you to say “yes” regardless of what your mind tells you.

But If you find yourself struggling with owning this response. Here’s a simple solution:

Invest in a copy of the Runner’s High Newsletter. Each issue fleshes out an endurance related topic that will help rewire your brain for running success. And the more you commit its information to memory, the more likely you’ll own the reply “Yes, I am a runner!”

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That’s all for now,

Barefoot Alex