Illuminated by my grandma’s headlights, I began running around the block at age 9.

She would tail me going 2 mph in here red Ford Escort.

We would circle the block twice before calling it quits.

I loved the places running took me.

I still do.

Before ultramarathons, it was wrestling, football, and track & field.

I ran the 800 meters for 10 years.

Six of those years were middle school and high school.  The other four (well, five technically redshirt) was spent at the University of Cincinnati.

Maybe it was post-grad blues, because the next summer I took off my shoes.

Being barefoot has taught me to listen to the ground (It sounds like this).

to put it out there…

I’m NOT anti-shoe.  But, I am picky about what goes on my feet.

My favorite footwear is LUNA Sandals ( the Monos are my fav).

You can catch me running down the side of the road, trail, pavement, or mountain single track.

My hopes are that our paths cross.  That we may share a run one day.

Sound good?


Until then, here’s where you can find me.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my stories. It means a lot!


Barefoot Alex (^_^)