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Intuitive Running Tips Sharpening Mind and Body Right Now...

Grandmaster of minimalist road running reveals his 7-Minute visualization trick for conquering pre-race anxiety.  Use the field below to receive his daily running tips and a free PDF copy of his renowned $27/Month “Runner’s High” newsletter.

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Here's what you get when you subscribe:

  • How to banish pre-race jitters for good using a mind enhancing trick that Olympics and other professional athletes use to get in the zone (This little known secret alone has produced gold medals and world series victories)

  • A secret, "esoteric" visualization technique that transforms doubt into King Kong like confidence.

  • A scientifically proven way to stimulate the same brain regions that are active during physically performance without taking a single step.

  • A sneaky way to instantly induce the flow state on demand (even wet behind the ear newbies can master this)  

  • The #1 WORST mistake you can make when preparing for your biggest race of the year

  • A simple and  easy mental guidance system designed to consistently achieve anything you want, one day at a time.

  • Why the focusing on race results is the surest way to fail.  

  • Weird "6 + 2 + 7" magic formula for bulletproofing training motivation (Use this on those "don't want to run" days.  You'll be surprised how quickly it works!)

  • Why taking your mind OFF results helps you focus on the ways you need to perform to achieve them

  • How to improve your mental thought patterns so you can live the life you really want. (Though examples are focused on running... it's applicable to life on general. 

  • More than just telling you how important it is to be mentally tough, this method shows you how to get there.

  • How to create mini "mind movies" that will help you do as well as possible in 'clutch' moments.

  • Do you want to eliminate anxiousness and the feeling like you have to vomit at the starting line?  If so, you'll love the easy to master breathing exercise on Page 6

  • How to buff up race results in a ridiculously quicker than it takes your to run around the block.

  • Why developing running intuition trumps macho man motivational tactics (It pays off to hone this special skill)

To Unlock these Tips Right Now...

Use the field below to receive Barefoot Alex's daily running tips and a free PDF copy of his renowned $27/Month “Runner’s High” newsletter.

We respect your privacy.

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